Sweet Mabel

Saturday, 31 December 2011

I named her Sachi because it means

Joy and/or Colorful Wisdom. She is my white capped pionus parrot as well as my FIRST big parrot. I met her in August 2007 when she was 11 weeks old and at the time I knew very little about parrots. When I walked in to the petshop that day I certainly did not expect to spend any money or become a parrot owner. I had read about the maximillian parrot in Birdtalk and had daydreamed about having one down the road but nothing very serious because I had never even held a parrot before and was somewhat afraid of their beaks and nails.

I cannot remember why I was at the petshop that day but I do remember being in the parrot section and noticing a sign that said Pionus. When I looked up I saw my little green Sachi all by herself in a cage that I would only recommend as a sleep cage. She was very very green and had the most beautiful parrot eyes that I had ever seen. I also noticed that most clients overlooked her because of her plain color. Until that day I had not known that there were different species of this Genus. The salesperson at the store noticed that I was looking at her and asked me whether I wanted to hold her. I remember panicking and wondering what to do.. In my nervousness and surprise I managed to still blurt out Ok.

The salesperson unlocked Sachi's cage and turned her over to me. To my total amazement Sachi stepped up on my hand and just perched there calmly and looked at me with her big pionus eyes. It was as if stepping up to me and being on my hand was the most natural thing for her to be doing. I was in pionus lala heaven.

What did I do? I ran home and read all I could about pionus parrots for 2 days and then I called up the petstore and reserved my Sachi. I was so happy to find out she had not been sold yet. I visited her every single day until she finally weaned at 17 weeks old. Boy was I glad when she decided that she was done with formula.

Her favourite pastimes are eating, receiving scritches, observing her surroundings , showers, and being with her favourite human (me). She will turn 5 years old in May 2012 and is the calmest of all my 3 parrots. For more information regarding pionus parrots, I highly recommend a book called  The Practical Pionus by Russ Shade and the pionus parrot website. Both are very informative references for those who are interested in these wonderful parrots. Here are some links for additional info..


  1. What a gorgeous girl! I just love everything about my pi girl, so I totally relate. Give some scritches to Sachi for me!

  2. p.s.
    "Her favourite pastimes are eating, receiving scritches, observing her surroundings , showers, and being with her favourite human (me)."

    It's like you're talking about my Mika girl exactly. Like they're twins! :)

  3. Thanks so much! We need to see more posts about Mika!:)LOL My Sachi and your Mika sound like perfect pionus parrots!! :)

  4. Wooh she is so beautiful !