Sweet Mabel

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I Love Severe Macaws!

I really love this photo of Mabel. I hope you enjoy it too. I really do not have any talent when it comes to taking photos. I simply use a point and shoot camera, then hope for the best. Sometimes I get really lucky and end up with a photo like this one. Of all my 3 parrots, Mabel is the one that makes me feel the most gratified as a parrot owner. I think this is because I had to overcome several personal obstacles along the way before becoming a person who is  *truly* worthy of taking care of a severe macaw. Occasionally, I still can't believe that I have 3 parrots, and one is a severe macaw? Time has really flown by since October 2010!! I used to be convinced that I had lost my mind when I decided to welcome her into my home. Thanks to Mabel, I am  happy to publicly declare that I love all severe macaws! ALL of them. Even the ones I have never met. I wish everyone could feel the wonder of loving a severe macaw. They are pretty Magical! 

Friday, 13 July 2012

Latest photos of my beloved flock.

These photos were taken in the last few weeks at our new place.

My Parrots Love TNT Bird Toys!

Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a wonderful summer! We are all doing well!! I apologize for being MIA for so long! We recently moved to our new home and were dealing with renovations too. It was all very time consuming, lots of planning, however now that we have actually moved in I will have a bit more time than I had during the first half of 2012. Now on to the purpose of this post!

I am so pleased with my last parrot toy order!! So happy that I squealed with delight when I saw the contents of the box! It was from TNT Bird Toys!! Owned by Jennifer F. who really knows how parrots like to play. I highly recommend that you try her online store. The service is awesome! The toys are hand made, WELL made, challenging, and aesthetically pleasing for both parrots and humans! You won't be disappointed!  Especially if you happen to have an african grey parrot. TNT Bird toys are toys that satisfy!! If there's anyone who understands how african grey parrots like to play, this would be Jen. This lady truly knows how a grey's play brain works. Your heart will swell and you won't be able to help but grin when you see how much your african grey enjoys TNT Bird Toys. When I say I am happy, it means that these toys actually made my parrots happy too!! They weren't ignored, they weren't untouched. All three of them have been having a great time, destroying and working at their new toys. Money well spent in my books!

It is truly thanks to TNT bird toys that I finally understood a few years ago that each parrot is unique in how they like to play. They all play differently and have personal preferences when it comes to toys. It's up to us to be attentive and observant. I am very grateful because I had no idea and used to think a toy was a toy and it should  just be played with. Our last order included the Alex Toy and a Motherlode foottoy for Emma, a modified version of Dexter's Doodads Toy for wood chewing Mabel and a mini Motherlode for little Sachi. Jen even tossed in some complementary foot toys! Mabel loved them!! I personally really love Mabel's toy! All stainless steel hardware, lots of chewy leather and chunky 1/2 inch wood parts! Perfect for my very mechanical Mabel who likes to take everything apart!