Sweet Mabel

Friday, 23 December 2011

Parrots Treasure Toys Arrived!

These are parrot toys that deliver and EXCEED expectation. More importantly, they are the toys that your parrots REALLY WANT!

A wonderful box arrived in the mail during the holidays and the contents did not disappoint! It was my order from Parrots Treasure. A wonderful small business located in MO, USA. Even though it was my very first time ordering from them, they've actually been around for over 25 years!! The two people in charge are Dawn and Lisa. I'd glad to report that they also provided wonderful service which OF COURSE made ME very happy. Thank you!!

I had first heard about this small parrot toy making business through my buddy Merlie. She had first seen their crafts at one of the bird fairs. I checked out their website but still wasn't completely sold so I sat and waited for a few other parrot owners to try them out. The feedback from *their parrots* was better than great. Indeed I was intrigued and finally decided to take a chance and placed an order during the holidays. What can I say? These toys are incredibly UNIQUE!

Let's not even mention how delightful and adorable they are in person. Just holding them in your own hand feels special! I don't think think you'll find anything quite like them on the market. They have this vintage-like vibe/ wholesomeness about them. What's more fundamental is that your parrots will TRULY appreciate them. They're the type of toy that your parrot will find so interesting and challenging, they can't help but be drawn to them. Yes!! They will WANT to play with these toys.  Since these toys are so well crafted, they will also hold up to those AVID wood chewers like my Mabel and provide a necessary challenge. Don't mistake this to mean that these toys will remain forever because they will be ignored and treated like an eye sore by your parrots. It means you will be happy because of money well spent and your parrot will be provided enrichment that will provide oodles and oodles of beak exercise. Even my Emma african grey who has never been much of a wood chewer felt compelled to chip into her Parrot Treasures hanging Parrot Toy. I hate clutter and I really dislike holding on to untouched parrot toys.
I'm sure that most parrot owners can relate to the frustration of feeling like you wasted money on toys that your parrots have no interest in. Unfortunately I feel your pain and dislike having to admit that I've wasted money in the past as well. Here's one of my personal philosophies, *wooden toys that are untouched or undestroyed are a waste of my hard earned dollars.

For my first order I asked for 2 bags of Yum Yums (they came highly recommended), a Rattle, 2 parrot toys, and an Elephant toy. I ordered them without pine nuts in the foraging holes because I prefer to put those in myself. Dawn & Lisa were even nice enough to make the holes a little larger so I could even stick in whole almonds for ADDED foraging fun. As a token of appreciation they also generously threw in some a free Yum Yum samples too.

You won't be disappointed when you purchase from Parrot Treasures. Money well spent for you and most of all time well spent for your beloved parrots! Like the adage says, a Busy Beak is a Happy Beak! Enjoy these photos, videos & of course a link to purchase these lovely toys. As you can see in Emma's video, she's very motivated, yet equally frustrated because she has to work for her treat. I love it!