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Friday, 6 January 2012

Kris Porter Fantastic Foraging Blocks in Action!

As a follow up to my previous thread ..

I felt so inspired today! This would be thanks to seeing Coco's awesome photos of her flock enjoying their new foraging toys! Thank you Coco!  It truly never occurred to me to insert whole pieces of carrots and entire leaves of greens in the foraging holes. I really enjoyed the way she presented everything in her photos and decided to try some of that myself today. This time I included carrots, green collards and Avian Organic parrot truffles. I look forward to a repeat performance tonight and will try cauliflower, swiss chard and sugar beans. They all made huge messes, however let me say it was completely worth it. I was grinning the whole time.

If you've ever had trouble figuring out how to teach or motivate your parrots to forage, I strongly recommend these toys because they really do mean time well spent for your parrots AND it's actually EASY and FUN for YOU.

Kris is also in the midst of designing Mini sized ones for parrots like senegals, lovebirds, quakers, cockatiels, budgies.. etc.

Would you like to offer unique & effective foraging toys for your companion parrots? Do go straight to the Avian Enrichment expert herself, Kris Porter. Here's the link to her site and please enjoy my 3 NEW videos located at the bottom..



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