Sweet Mabel

Monday, 19 December 2011

Absolutely Fantastic Foraging Blocks!

I cannot tell you how UBER pleased I am with this recent purchase!! Yes, yes I know that I had said I wouldn't be writing another blogpost until 2012 however plans have changed because I am now nursing a bad cold, a very sore throat and some congestion. I will try to make this blog post short and sweet by sticking to the essentials. So far the only thing that has perked me up today has been receiving wonderful videos of my parrots enjoying their amazing enrichment blocks. Unfortunately no videos of Sachi (white capped pionus parrot) because she screams bloody murder when she sees someone other than me pointing the camera at her, however here are my two other lovelies. They are both enjoying their fabulous and very interesting foraging Enrichment Blocks. 

I am told by my birdsitter that these blocks are both Solid, simple and even more beautiful in person. Don't let their minimalistic appearance fool you! The creative duo behind these blocks are Kris and her husband. They are located in the USA and in the state of MN. Each foraging block is made out of untreated Douglas Fir wood and stainless steel eye rings, all crafted one at a time for your parrot's chewing pleasure. Not produced on an assembly line by people who don't know your name. I love this and I also enjoy supporting the small entrepreneur!!

If you don't know this already, Kris is ALSO the brains behind The Parrot Enrichment Activity Books. As you can see from these videos, Emma and Mabel are truly captivated and occupied trying to figure out how to remove their yumptious Almond still in shell and Avian Organics truffle from the block. Upon my return I look forward to sticking all kind of other yummy goodies inside like, kale stalk, swiss chard stalk, pine nuts, pecans, carrot sticks, dehydrated sweet potato ...etc, etc, etc.

I am usually one who lets OTHER parrots and their owners experiment on a product before I decide to drop my $$, yet this time I took a chance and am extremely glad I did so because I also took advantage of their recent 20% off sale! YOu can bet that I am also giggling because I went ahead and purchased a block as a gift for someone else and am happy to share that Kris even offered to make a mini appropriately sized for a budgie and at no charge.:) What a kind gesture!!

Thank you Kris and her hubby for the wonderful, speedy and personalized service. Thank you for such a GREAT product that my parrots and I can truly appreciate. Intelligent enrichment for our intelligent companions! Here are 3 videos and the Parrot Enrichment link for the rest of you...


  1. Yes, I have to let you know that these have been a HUGE hit with our flock, too. Again, thanks for the recommendations through your site and the GF. I got Marcus a large Puzzler and other blocks for our smaller parrots, and they stay so quiet and happy anymore while they're working on them! Our Ringneck will even settle down when he realizes I'm going to take it out of his cage again to refill, it's a great product and I told Kris so, too. :)

    I've bookmarked the Parrot's Treasure site so hopefully someday I'll get to try out their products on our flock, too... you find all the best stuff for your parrots and it's lovely that you "share" it all with the rest of us! :)

  2. That's wonderful! Thank you so much for the feedback!