Sweet Mabel

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Sachi Pionus Parrot wears the Aviator Harness.

Since today was such a beautiful day I decided to take Sachi out in her Aviator Harness. Unfortunately my other two happen to think that the AH is the most frightening thing around. That's fine. I will work at remedying that over the summer. Sachi isn't nuts about the process it takes to put on the harness but once it is on, she's pretty accepting of it and truly LOVES being outside and having me all to herself. Doesn't she look so pretty and adorable? She turns 5 years old on May 28.2012! We purchased (Small size) Aviator Harness at the website below. They are the innovators of the Aviator Harness and offer Worldwide Free Shipping.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Parrot Hormones? What's it about?

Not much to write here except please read the thread below. It is extremely informative. If in some tiny way it helps a parrot owner stay strong, stay positive and stay the course during those difficult times with their parrot, that in itself is a great accomplishment.