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Monday, 26 December 2011

The Way Emma African Grey Likes To Make Up New Words!

Emma has a new word today. That word is Straw-Paya. I've been teaching her how to name fruit and instead of saying strawberry and papaya separately, she prefers to say Straw-Paya. She also says Straw-Blueberry, Emmaberry, and BA-nanaberry (big emphasis on the BA part). The other fruit word she likes to repeat ad nauseum is Cherry. It goes without saying that Emma cracks me up all the time with her wit and creativity. The other day I was bringing her to her cage for the night and she said *I love you SO tired* LOL. Today I heard her say *Almond is going to go take a nap*. One of my favourite Emma expressions is I love you forever and almonds. I really don't know how I ended up with such a little chipper girlie. When I signed up to be an african grey parront I was expecting a parrot who would be incredibly intelligent, yet very reserved/stoic. Knew I would be happy but never imagined THIS enchanted with my Emma. She's my heart and I love her so much.:)
Here are 3 videos,  two of my favourite Emma videos and the Straw-Paya video. Enjoy the photo of the very first day that I met her.

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