Sweet Mabel

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Let's be on THE Couch and under some Sheets!

Mabel's latest discovery this week is to climb to the very top of her cage then fly off to land on THE couch. Then she actually squeals aloud with utter delight and buries herself under the cotton sheets. These are the same sheets used to cover the cages at night. This week I happened to place her on the couch for a few seconds in order to keep her out of my way while I removed a perch from her cage, now she's decided that she loves being on it when she is out of her cage. Normally my parrots are forbidden to be on my couch. It is a terribly EXPENSIVE custom made couch and the thought of it being pooped on, ripped up, or blemished makes me cringe. I love this couch and selected every minute detail of it. I purchased it way before I knew what it would really be like to live with a parrot. At the time I only had Sachi (white capped pionus parrot) and she is the most non destructive parrot ever. Anyway, back to the couch. As of this week, Mabel loves the couch and she also loves to pretend she's on a stakeout under the sheets while on the couch. She's adorable to watch and I feel tickled everytime I witness her at play. I will do my best to always supervise when she's on the couch so that it remains poop free. For the love of my perfect couch and for my love for Mabel. Here's a clip from yesterday and another photo of Mabel in all her cuteness.

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  1. Really adoring these photos of her on the sheets/couch. Her little stance is too cute.

    Now I want to see this couch you speak of as well!!! :)