Sweet Mabel

Friday, 25 November 2011

It is VERY special to be adored by a Severe Macaw!

Mabel is my Severe Macaw and Severe Macaws are the largest of all the mini macaws. I've been a severe macaw owner for just over a year and truly enjoy many things about Mabel.

I love how she communicates with her body language and her eyes. She is very expressive. When I look into her eyes I can sense how she is feeling. I am very close to my other 2 parrots but can't say it's the same type of connection. Being loved by a macaw is indeed very different! I love how she is willing to try anything and everything at least once. Even when she is visibly scared she will still try because she TRUSTS me. I love her intelligence. She is a quick learner and is also very mechanical.  I love her appetite for chewing wood. She has a VERY strong beak and relishes her wooden toys. The more challenging the toy, the more determination she demonstrates. I love the fact that she's very open to interaction but can just as easily play quietly on her own. I love that she's adores shower time. She fluffs up her feathers and spreads her wings and lets me spray her with the shower head until she is DRENCHED.

I love her appetite and introducing her to new foods. She samples everything and isn't fussy at all. She eats everything that is offered to her. I love how gentle she can be with me. I taught her how to regulate the pressure of her beak. To my surprise I also love the fact that Mabel really enjoys physical contact. She's loves me to swing her around over my head and between my legs. She loves being flipped around. She loves hiding under shirts and have me pretend I don't know where she is. She loves just sitting on my lap and snuggling closer.

Most of all I love the fact that she was willing to place her trust and life in my hands without knowing me. I chose my two other parrots BUT Mabel chose me. Once my confidence in being a macaw owner started to soar, Mabel's trust in me grew even deeper.

From day one she has adapted very well to the way I manage my flock and this was totally unexpected. She is very agreeable and easy going. With that said severe macaws are extremely intelligent. It is very important to provide them with all kinds of woods with different textures and avian enrichment. Even with my limited experience I would also say that they also need regular physical contact to thrive. Have I mentioned how much I love Mabel? Just because she is SO cute, here's another photo!


  1. I love all the information you give, it helps so much. Your flock is beautiful, they have the best mommy. Mabel is a very fun and beautiful mini macaw, those eyes get you right away. She is telling you I am smart and very loving. Emma is a doll, she is your prodigy. Sachi is so pretty with her look at me eye's. I love all three, but I wanted to say severe mini macaws are great to have. People just need to give them time and understand what they want and can give.

  2. Thanks Denise! I completely agree what you say about severe mini macaws.I hope I can do them justice on this blog. It's going to be so fun compiling and sharing everything I've learned from Mabel! Stay tuned and thanks so much for viewing!