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Monday, 4 November 2013

Today's Bird Breakfast and I've got Dehydrator Fever!!!

Today's breakfast menu featured  mash, homemade dehydrated papaya, freshly chopped kale and a smidgen of almond butter. The amount that you see below feeds all 4 of my parrots. Once this has been entirely consumed they all get their Harrison's HP nuggets, nuts, fruits and other favoured treats. Last week I received my brand new dehydrator, Excalibur 3900! I can't believe how super happy it makes me and you can bet I've been putting it to excellent use! Below are photos of some treats I made for my parrots. So easy and in such a short time frame too! I used fabulous ingredients like Flax seed, bananas, oat grain flour, chili peppers, yellow bell peppers, kale, cayenne pepper, sweet potato ground sunflower seeds, papaya, bananas, swiss chard, fresh pineapple and grated fresh ginger, coconut oil, YUM!!  I'm having such a fantastic time that I must confess that I've actually placed a self imposed ban on producing more dehydrated goodness in order to take time to finish eating the current stash of goodies. Next on my list will be to create a banana blueberry flax seed cracker/biscuit for them. I'm going to experiment and see if I can form them in nice whimsical shapes for added foot food pleasure! Stay tuned.

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  1. That looks amazing! I have an Excalibur too and put it to good use dehydrating meat for dog treats, it had saved me a fortune over the years! Sorry if this is elsewhere in your blog, but would you mind sharing your recipes for the flat breads? It really does look good enough to eat!