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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Review: I Got A Woody Bird Toys

A few weeks ago we received our first and very anticipated toy order from the I Got A Wood Bird Toys team. It was so nice to open up the box and see such wonderful enrichment for my parrots, but wait, there was even a surprise gift from our dear friend Merlie! The wonderful toy she sent our way is the beautiful one you see with pink ruffles. It's made out of basswood and Mabel absolutely loves it. It's official name on the site is Tootsie Tangle!

Even though I had only ordered 4 items, the box weighed more than a whopping 6lbs. Fortunately for me, they celebrated their one year anniversary not too long ago and had a fantastic sale which also included 20$ off any shipping fees to Canada. I was not going to miss out on such a generous offer, so after oogling over the toys on their site for the past year, I placed my order and am thoroughly tickled each time I see each of my parrots using their I Got A Woody perches & toys. Not only are these products whimsical in appearance, but also exactly what your parrots have on their wish list. This wonderful small business is owned by two lovely ladies named Dawn and Leslie. Each toy is handcrafted one at a time with dedication towards fun and safety. 

They both have feathered flocks of their own and adore them the way I do mine. At this point, are you wondering about their customer service? They are very customer focused, you'll be very pleased! Hope you enjoy our photos and videos.

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